I Bought a New PC But Device Limit Is Reached

Hello! I’m using Brave Browser for like a year long and I’ve activated Brave Rewards since beginning and I’ve recieved payments multiple times. I’ve connected my Uphold Wallet to my all devices. I bought a new pc but I can’t connect my Uphold account to my new browser. It says that I’ve reached the device limit. I disconnected my wallet from one of my wallets and tried again on my pc but it gives the same error over and over again. What should I do to conect my wallet to my new pc browser?

You can request to unlink a device here- Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches

@cyberhunter You’ll need to fill out a Wallet unlinking request form to unlink your old wallet.

I do have a second method for you but it’s more work and not 100% guaranteed like the above option would be. This assumes you have your old device and that Brave and all its files are still on it, plus you’d have to remove Brave and all related files from your new PC so it can have a fresh install. You’ll understand what I’m seeing and why if you read in detail. Be sure to read the two Reddit posts, paying attention to what bat-chriscat says to do.

I don’t want to link a new wallet. I want to use my old wallet on a new device but the device limit is reached. What should I do now?

@cyberhunter What I was trying to explain in you reading is that each new browser has its own encryption. If you have installed Brave and opened it, then it’s a brand new thing. You can link it to Uphold but then it registers as a new browser, which goes towards your 4 device/wallet limit. So if you’re doing it that way, you’d have to get one unlinked and then link your new browser.

The alternative that the Reddit refers to is you can move all your old folders from Brave to a backup disk. Then on your new device that does not have Brave on it, you’d install Brave. Before you ever open it, you’d replace the Brave folders on the new device with your old folders. Then when you open Brave on the new device for the first time, it should have all of your bookmarks and everything else. You also would be able to sign in to Uphold with no issues.

It’s just that they said if you do that secondary one, you have to follow instructions exactly or it won’t work. If you don’t do it properly, it can get your account flagged where you stop earning rewards until resolved and all that stuff too. It’s supposed to be pretty easy to do and have a high success rate, but it’s risks anyway.

Most people tend to ask about the limit cap from restoring their devices or whatever, which leaves this “trick” out of the question. But if you still have both devices, you can do it. But then once you install on the new one, make sure you remove the old one (but keep the backup in case you need it) and don’t run Brave on both devices with the same wallet at the same time.

Oh I got it now, thanks. As an extra question, I can’t do that copy/move browser thing with my Android phone if I buy a new one, right?

Honestly, I don’t know. I’m wanting to say you can’t but I don’t experiment enough or understand it all to give a solid answer. I also can’t remember if that was discussed on that Reddit or not. Important part of why I say check that or try to talk to him there is that chriscat is Product Manager with Brave and knows a lot more.

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