I am using brave browser for last 30 days but still i do not receive any bat token

Hello ! i am using brave browser but still i do not receive any BAT Token. My Ads are ON at desktop, having Ads Settings Maximum number of ads displayed = 05. I also share my referral link with other people statics as below but ending with 0 BAT Tokens …
I do not understand where i go wrong? either is it setting issue or something else.

My Referral Promo Stats







same to me, where do you get the referral link?

@ahmedshah Brave will pay 5USD/user in BAT for each confirmed referral. https://support.brave.com/hc/en-us/articles/360025284131-What-do-the-referral-metrics-on-my-dashboard-mean-

@issa referral program is available for publishers/creators. brave.com/refer

I do have the same problem. I have been using Brave for months now but I do not receive any BAT token even if my Ads feature is ON. I never get an ad notification to watch…

My account is verified.

I’ve started using it yesterday. Did you ever received any BAT tokens from Brave?

Hi, I did receive some BAT the first month of use, but none afterwards…

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