I am tired to use brave and BAT


hI…anybody knows if there are any way that I can send my BAT from brave browser to my wallet in uphold?? I only have in my preferences included my channel of youtube. The last time I saw in my wallet around 30 BAT less and it is not appear in my wallet of uphold when I only have included my channel. It is a shit browser, wallet and it is not working, It is everythings very disorganized. I have my wallet in battoken and in uphold and in brave browser, but I can not move this token even to my channel !!! where is my BAT ??THIS IS THE ONLY CRIPTOCURRENCY THAT I HAVE SO MANY PROBLEMS .



Hi @ropo,

Which Brave version that you using?

Auto-contribution (BAT from your browser wallet be sent to publishers) is happens every 30 days. And payout date (received contribution sent to publishers Uphold wallet) for publishers is happens at or around 8th of every month.

Are those BAT from BAT grants? Why you tip yourself? Those BAT is mean to support publishers. AFAIK, Brave have anti-fraud system that prevents this.




The BAT that you have in your Brave Wallet isn’t meant to be spent on yourself. I think this is why you are having a problem.

It is for encouraging use of BAT amongst web content providers.


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