I am publisher,i am not receive my payment Today is 9 June.....help me everyone?

** I have not received payment but I understand imagine all the people that brave has to pay for that delay we just have to be patient and wait for him to pay **

same here have been waiting for payout since may 8th and dont expect to get a payout its now june 12 and it says next payout is july 8, it just switches to the next month every month these people are a scam do not use their shitty software i uninstalled their crap software 2 days ago from all my devices and computers at work. brave is trash and BAT is a joke stuck in a stupid browser lmao what a joke

btw ive been verified on uphold since march 2019 so dont come with some dumb kyc bs

I have same problem, I didn’t received my payment this month of June… But then when I open my account it’s UNDER REVIEW now :cry:

Please anyone can help me how to get back my account then :pray::cry:

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They do not have a good support system
we are publishers, we are in trouble and they don’t care
Bat I have been detained for months, and no one has resolved
I will call everyone to rate 1 star on Chplay and appstore

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hello, how to get this ?? my earning shows 0 always. i have set it to auto-contribute.

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