I am not recieving my grants

My Grant’s are stuck, it says May, and May was my last grant that I actually took and used. So it is normal to not recieve Grant’s even though they say a monthly grant will be offered I just have to claim it? YEAH I am NOT RECIEVING ANY GRANTS PLEASE WILL SOMEONE AT THE Brave Community PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY ISSUE. Thanks again. Also I have seen a present with the word grant, when I click on it it is empty try to help me if you can I know it is an issue other than the suggested reasons below thanks.

I am sorry, Grants are not given out on a monthly schedule or any written public schedule they are given out randomly. if there is anything else, let me know

@Dgenies, are grants region-dependent, though? I’ve not received a grant since December. I’m in Norway.

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