I am not receiving my rewards

I am not receiving my rewards. They are transferred to my brave? wallet, since I do NOT have a verified account with uphold. thank you.

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Nope. They are not transferred there, highly unlikely that they ever will.

Well, then you should have received vBAT. Could you go to brave://rewards-internals and in promotions tab → What is the last date you receive a payment ?
Do note the dates there will be in MM/DD//YY


IIn muy “promotions” tab on brave://rewards-internals I Have a blanck page. This would have been my first payout.

I Have an upload account but I I have not linked any bank account there.

I want to have my rewards on my brave wallet. It is possible?, when when will they arrive

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Nope. Won’t ever be, probably.

You won’t earn BATs then. According to changes you need to connect to Uphold / Gemini to receive BATs

Ok so… I MUST buy something (cryptos, tokens… ) on uphold account to receive my rewards? It is mandatory pay firtst to obtain rewards It works like that?

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