I am not receiving my ad awards

My uphold wallet was disconnected because I didn’t want my funds on Uphold. Then Gemini came, I was already a Gemini user so all I had to do was link. Still no BAT for me.
It’s broken,

Device region is United States.

5 ads per hour

@Wkk I think you should get claim button if you have disconnected from the custodian. I suggest you create a seperate topic for your issue at community home page, fill out the template that you will be given in the editor, tag someone from the support team and you will get a response.

@boudicabrito I will summarise your case-

and @Mattches please see this.

Thank you for summarizing – very useful.

Can you please go to your brave://rewards-internals page and copy/paste and send me a DM with your wallet payment ID?

Thank you.

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I’m not getting ad notification but getting ntp ads ,but not receiving any reward for them and i didn’t get reward of last 2 month also, i rarely use vpn so this doesn’t need to happen because of that.

How do I send a DM from this page?

@boudicabrito You can click on any name and Message-

@Ashbat You can refer to this post if you are not being rewarded for viewing NTP Ads-

If this doesn’t solve your problem, you should also create a New Topic from community home page https://community.brave.com/

and fill out the template which you will be given, tag someone from support team and you will get a response.

I’m on macOS and ads stopped showing

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It seems like more and more users are having this same issue of not accumulating rewards anymore. I hope Brave will release a fix for us to upgrade to.

I sent the DM, and updates? Thanks.

I sent the DM as requested, and am still awaiting an update.

I’m still not getting any ads. This is weird. It worked for a couple months since I started, but now there’s zero accumulation.

I sent the DM three weeks ago, as requested, and nothing. Is anybody even paying attention to this board?

Hello, still waiting for a response as to why I am not receving credit for watching the ads.

Windows 10
Brave version 1.31.87

Hello, I am experiencing same problem as [boudicabrito] I’m not getting rewarded for viewing the ads


this is how i fixed mine. go to brave://flags/ then search for “Enable system notifications.” then choose enable from the dropdown. then search for “Enable Brave Rewards verbose logging” enable it aswell. relaunch. check logs on brave://rewards-internals. Problem solved! do this to all your devices that has the same issue/problem.

Thank you very much sir!! I’ve just finish those step, lets see until Sunday if it work!! Have a nice day! :smiley:

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So far it hasn’t worked.

Hi Steeven, me again. The link you sent me shows BATs balance PRIOR to NOVEMBER 2020. Please, it has been a YEAR since I last received the BAT rewards!!! And I am using Brave every single day (I do research).

This is not right! I have been complaining about this for a year – and nothing, it seems to fall on deaf ears. This is NOT a good customer service…

PLEASE help to solve this debacle, get me the year worth of BATs that I have never received, and reinstate monthly rewards.

Thank you much!