I am not receiving my ad awards

I had an issue last month where I couldn’t verify my wallet. After this was successfully resolved, I noticed I am now not receiving any credit for clicking on ads. How do I fix this?


Reaching out to the team @Mattches @steeven, seems like allot of users are experiencing issues with Uphold.

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Is there any update on this?

I still have not received a response on this. Any updates?

Hi, it’s September, and I still haven’t received a reply to this. Can you please update me?

@boudicabrito You should provide all information given in the template-

You can create a new topic or update this one with all the information asked in the template. And additional informations like,

Any screenshot to explain better.

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When an ad pops up on my Brave browser, I click on it. However, on my Brave Rewards summary page, it states that I have no BAT. This has been happening for the last 17 days. Why?

You still haven’t provided all information asked in the template like, what OS, Brave version, wallet verified or not etc. (See full template for all questions and not just these)

So you are talking about Ad notifications. Are they being recorded in 30 day Ad history (for desktop) or in Ads counter. You can share screenshot of rewards panel.

I also experiencing this issue, I’m not receiving ads for about 2 months now and I’m not getting any BAT for all promoted backgrounds.

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It’s now Sep 9 and I’m still waiting for some kind of response. Will someone please help me on this?

OS: macOS Catalina Version 10.15.7
Brave Version: 1.28.105
Wallet is verified

This is for all ad notifications.

I have sent the info required, and still no response. Why?

I’m having the same issue. I have a feeling that it’s an error for many users. Hope a fix will be implemented soon.

So…any update on this?

Same i also not getting ads and rewards as of now for past 1 month, pc is working fine but android app is just getting worse with each update plz fix this @steeven

@boudicabrito Have you used or currently using any VPN? What is your device region? What is the maximum ads per hour you have set? Make sure your Brave is updated (I see it needs an update in the image you posted)

@Ashbat What is your device region and device language? Are you not getting Ad notifications and NTP Ads both?

No VPN before or currently.
What is a device region?
Where do I find where I set the maximum ads per hour?
I last updated Brave last week. Where would I get the new update?

I have my uphold wallet verified since forever, however i turned it off because Gemini was on the way. Lost all my bat since march and then since two months ago or so, it keeps resetting every month. Could never claim anything because claim button doesn’t even appear. I didn’t know I had to claim it in the first place because there was never a warning saying “Hey claim this” nothing ever appeared and keeps not appearing.

I dont know what else to do, the browser is good but it keeps failing on the main thing which is the payment.

@boudicabrito You can find that in your Mac’s settings.

On the ‘brave://rewards’ page, click on 3 lines next to Ads (just beside the toggle button for Ads).

Options > About brave will check for updates, if any.

@Wkk what do you mean by this.

Claim button doesn’t appear for verified wallets and earnings are directly deposited to linked custodian.