I am not receiving BAT for the ads

I am also faulty, please help

Which patch is required?

i have the same problem, the ad is still showing but no rewards are credited, anyone can help …

Yes i have same problem

same here, i have the same problem, the ad is still showing but no rewards are credited

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To confirm, everyone here in this thread is claiming that you:

  • See Ads regularly
  • Your Estimated pending Rewards shows 0.0 (0 USD)
  • Your Ad Notifications received this month shows 0
  • Your 7-day ad history does show your history of ads

:point_up:Is the above true for everyone here? If the above is true, can you also tell me whether or not you have a verified wallet?

Additionally, to make clear for anyone who does not know, you are not paid out BAT in real-time. You receive payouts on specified dates (5th of every month). So just because you haven’t received your first payment yet after viewing ads doesn’t mean anything is necessarily wrong.


all above is true for me and i have a verified wallet.

It was fine till few days back. This issue started yesterday I’m receiving ads but the count is not increasing as well as the BAT rewards but its showing up in the history tab. I dont know why is that my ad counter is stuck at 164 for the past two days so is the rewards.

Yes… 0 ads till now this month in mobile…

  • Yes i see Ads regulary
  • No estimated earnings is at 0.915 BAT (0.22 USD)
  • No it shows 38
  • Yes it shows all ads in history.

No verified Wallet yet. Started 5 days ago tu use Brave

  1. Yes, Brave shows ads as usual
  2. Estimated pending rewards hasn’t changed in last 2 days
  3. Ad notifications received this month keeps increasing
  4. 7-day ad history has details of all ads viewed

I have unverified wallet, started using Brave ~10 days ago. Currently using Version 1.14.81 Chromium: 85.0.4183.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Hi, Can you please check your ads count after clicking an ads? In my case ads were not counting and so BAT are not adding to my pending rewards. Now it’s fine.

ADs are not getting counted thats the actual problem everyone is referring to here, please read the topic before commenting. If the ads are getting we will getting the rewards too

Yes true, but for me both Estimated pending rewards and Ad notifications received this month hasn’t changed in last 2 days. Although, ads do show up in the 7 day history details.


That problem was same for me as well. Am I did a wrong comment in your post?

Same problem. Where do you see the ads? And can we earn with youtube ads? Somebody shows me where can we see the ads?

ads not count after update,
please fix this problem.

We have opened an issue for this internally and our devs are reviewing the situation. I will let everyone know what we find out as soon as we have more information.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Can you please send me a DM with your Wallet Payment ID, found on the brave://rewards-internals page?

Please make the subject line of the DM “Ads counter issue” so that I can tell at a glance what the message pertains to, as I get hundreds of DMs every day. thank you.

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It still not counting please solve this problem