I am not getting any reward since march even though I see ads

I am not getting any reward for seeing ads since middle march, and also the rewards i had at that time (1.87) are not being paid


Same with me… And noone can give us a solution

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@fdigon @torrespedro19

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Its different, the ads arent being counted. All of them appears on my Brave, but the number of BATs never increase since the day of payment of last month, and on that month I didnt got them too.

stop this crap and pay the rewards, no reward received since middle of march bunch of scammers

Every month I get a notice in my browser to drag the triangle to another symbol and then I get a “Success!” notice.

I just checked my Uphold account and there is NO ACTIVITY since February 9th.

I found this article on the internet: https://piunikaweb.com/2021/04/06/brave-browser-rewards-bat-not-porting-to-uphold-wallet-issue/

Where is the help for people who’s activity has been stopped completely? For now, I don’t need the income from ads and can just turn them off, but I wanted to see the concept of users getting paid for ads succeed. From the amount of errors I read about, this seems unlikely. The implementation of BAT is a train wreck at present.

Just recieved mine for april, though not as much as it used to be, but i gues thats because of the new add prices. XD But ey its still almost free money :slight_smile:

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I am not getting any rewards since middle of march, even though Brave is the browser that i use the most. I like it, not only for the rewards, but is misleading use the rewards as a bait if you are going to get them the 2 first months and then no more. I will continue using the browser, but this has only one name and is SCAM! you promise rewards and then you stop giving them

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