I am not geting bat payout to my uphold wallet

dear brave team i am an content creator and recieve bat donations form my fans and my friend’s . i have you add some dex wallet like metamsk or bitkeep and send bat tokens of the creators in polygon network or please colab with big cex players like binance , bybit , okx , etc so that indian content creators can get payout . Brave Creators is not supported with Uphold what have indian account . i got this into notice when i saw i have 13 bat in my browser balanceand i wasn’t able to recive bat payment form my browser (although i got 13 bat in browser balance) and from creator earning page . i hope you guys add new method for payout of bat in india. rest all i love using brave i have surpassed 560000 trackers and add bloked and i liked the browser very much . i am a loyay user since 1 whole year . fingers crossed hope for the best

Yes, they’re working on getting India back soon. They’re working with a new Custodian. No info about who the Custodian is and when this will be done.

Also next time, probably just search for such issues before creating a topic. There are numerous posts asking the same questions being answered all the time.

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