I am not able to connect my brave rewards to my gemini wallet

When I am trying to connect my brave rewards to my Gemini wallet then it shows an error that region not supported please fix it because i am not able to withdraw my brave rewards to my Gemini wallet.

i have the exact same problem, my gemini was connected before with no problems, now there are problems?

I have had the same issue since yesterday. I hope this is just some glitch and an update regarding this issue at the earliest would be better.

Check the latest updates regarding the supported regions

Wow, I have tried Gemini support and they said I must contact Brave support> My Gemini was connected with my brave before with now problems, I even withdrew from brave to Gemini, Now all of a sudden it is an issue? Unsupported region? I am the same bloody person in the same region as when my Gemini was working. so tell me what the hell do I do now, I refuse to lose what I have already earned and want this fixed as is was working perfectly before.

Did you try accessing your Gemini account? As far as I know that should still be possible. If so, your funds are still there to be used.

However, you will not be able to reconnect Brave with Gemini.
My advice is to keep accumulating rewards in your browser until your country is supported or until brave ads more options. They are working on it. It may take a while though.

Insane it was working and now it does not, so in essence I cannot withdraw any of my rewards, Untill brave has their things in order and working correctly. As i said I have full access to my Gemini, my funds are still there. brave was connected before with no problems and now… If I try use Uphold I will probably encounter more issues that dont even relate to me. I fail to understand how i get the error of unsupported region when it was working before. South Africa by the way, never had these problems before.
Thanks i guess, nothing more to do as nothing bloody works!

But why did they removed “India” From their list of supported regions previously it was there but what happened that they have removed my country. If there is no support of withdrawal then why there is brave in our country.

Maybe this can help understanding

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