I am leaving Brave

Dear Community,

unfortunately I have to uninstall this browser. I really like the idea behind it and the integrated ad filter.

However, the browser is too buggy. I’ve opened a few tickets here and none of the bugs have been resolved. Sites that I use often such as 9gag.com or linkedin.com are not properly functioning.

I am sure the team has a lot to do, but without proper bug fixing that can be counted on, I dont see the value of this browser yet.

Thanks for your work and vision.

Hey the 9gag.com issue should be resolved in the current Brave build, I’m not aware of issues for linkedin.com We have adblock improvements coming in Nightly, Sure still not as feature full as a proper Adblock extension, has been improving since Nightly will now block/collapse ads now (so less whitespace)

Can you re-test 9gag and linkedin, and let me what the issue is?

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