I am having trouble because of COVID-19, please pay me

There’s an Uphold account linked to your account. Connected on June 14 2020.

No way, because I have never seen the Uphold payment gateway appear on my account, paypal is unique

Can you see the screenshot, no Uphold payment gateway?

I think this is an error, if my account is connected to uphold why the payment is not happening @steeven ??

Hi @Aikosumrai - is your account based in Vietnam?

No, I am studying abroad in Japan. Because of the Covid-19 translation I cannot go back to my homeland, that is why I want your help

Was your account created when you were still in Vietnam?

@steeven, My account was created in Japan, at that time I was introduced by friends in my country

Would you be willing to do a screen share?

Yes, do you want me to take a video or screenshot? and share about something ?

Can you take a video of what you see on your publishers account.


@steeven Please watch my video, I will provide more of what you asked for

@steeven , have you seen my video ??

@steeven , Please pay me, otherwise for translation of Covid-19 I am not here begging you, but nonetheless the money is mine and very important to me right now. HEPME…

Hi @Aikosumrai - reviewing. Thank you.

@steeven , Thank you for listening, can you tell me how long the review takes?

@steeven, I wait for your messages every day, I’m tired and pressured, come to sleep I also dream about it, please settle for me

Hi @Aikosumrai - working to figure out what’s going on here.

Do you have more than 1 account?