I am having trouble because of COVID-19, please pay me

Hello @steeven,
I am from Japan, so my English is bad, please listen.
I have been waiting for my payment for so long ( 4 months have passed ) but to not get BAT on paypal, i don’t know how. The uphold link is not available on my account .
Can I give you a BAT wallet, and can you pay me? then please delete Publishers my account because the referral program ended. Because of covid-19, I am taking a break from working, very difficult in life, please help.

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@steeven , help me, pls

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someone please help me, sorry english is not good

Hi @Aikosumrai - it looks like your account is linked to Uphold. Payments made to accounts based in Japan are paid through Paypal.

@steeven , uphold payment gateway does not exist with my account, i have linked paypal for more than 4 months but is not paid

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@steeven , Please give the method that suits my account, the waiting time is too long, more than 4 months i wait :frowning:

@steeven , 4 months passed not receive payment via paypal, please help me settle

Can someone help me? @steeven he didn’t help me, even though I asked for his help

same here, they never paid us!

I’m here to beg you, save me

Can someone help me? @steeven he didn’t help me, even though I asked for his help

so bad my account for 4 months has not received paypal payment, and now they are not settling for me i am disappointed about this network.
Without a genuine interest in helping, they don’t respect the participants, they look down on our efforts

@Aikosumrai - when did you last receive a Paypal settlement? Can you disconnect the Uphold link from your account?

@steeven ,I haven’t received any paypal payment (you can check directly on my account) the Uphold link doesn’t appear on my account so I don’t have the link.
Please see the picture

I have no connection with Uphold, because it does not export on my account, please understand me

I think he means his creators earnings are stuck in another dimension like so many others

@steeven ???

Hi @structdjm - are you having an issue with your payment? If so please send the email linked to your account.

@Aikosumrai - your account is linked to Uphold. You’ll need to disconnect this: