I am having a problem with YouTube

I’m not sure if this is just me or if anyone else is experiencing this problem. But I just came back from the movies and started up my computer and I am experiencing an issue with YouTube. When I am watching a YouTube video and move my cursor it makes the video that I am watching lag badly. I’m not sure if this is a problem with Brave, YouTube, or just my computer in general. Because YouTube was working perfectly fine before I left to go to the movies. I also updated Brave recently so I’m not sure if it was a Brave update. Does anyone know what’s wrong? Thanks!

Hi! @Increment I believe I have had this problem before with YouTube! When you say

Do you mean when you hovered your mouse specifically on top of the video that is being watched? Or it’s just happening with your mouse moving at any spot?

Yes, when I move my cursor anywhere the YouTube video lags badly.

Have you tried using other browsers with videos to see if it is a problem with Brave or not?

Or restarting your device?

I believe I might of fixed the issue. I think it was something to do with the “Number of processors”. Because I was messing with that early to experiment with. So I decided to reset it, and it seems that YouTube is working fine right now. But the thing is I was experimenting with the “Number of processors” early too and watched some YouTube and it wasn’t lagging while moving my cursor.

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This is interesting. Care to add more details on this? What OS are you running?

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I’m sorry, but where can I find that? I haven’t had to look at my OS before.

Are you using Microsoft Windows? Or Apple? (Most common OS so I would guess it would be one of the two)

Ohhh… I’m using Windows 10.

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