I am getting the adds but the adds counter and BATs are not increasing

I have received 16 adds today it shows in count. but the my adds for this month counter is still struck at 158 for today(150 adds till yesterday). Buts in my last 7 days adds history i see 16 adds were received today.
Can some body please help.

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Hello @ravikumar. @Daddy_yo and I have the same issue.

We have several day waiting for support from @Mattches and @steeven

Let’s see if they can help us to solve the counter and payments issues

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Same here, some ads are not recognized, when i receive 5 only 1 or 2 are counted.

^^^ Devs are working on this issue.

Hi everybody, very sorry for the inconvenience here. We have a theory of what may be going on. We have made some changes server side this morning. Could you please try to restart your browsers and let me know if you start to see ads being properly credited.

@jsecretan when you say Restart the browser what do you mean?

We have to click default browser settings or just close and open the browser?

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Hi @GabrielHernandez I mean just close and reopen the browser making sure it actually quits. Which OS are you using?


@jsecretan Ok I understand, I’m using windows and I tried but nothing happened :confused:

i would recommended to restart the device as it could still working in the background


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Vào 21:06, Th 5, 24 thg 9, 2020 GabrielHernandez via Brave Community <brave@discoursemail.com> đã viết:

The counter is working now thank you!

Actually looking at your account @GabrielHernandez, your problem might be different than the one I mentioned. I’ll follow up in DM.


I still see the issue, after restarting browser and system. My OS is windows 10.

Not sure how it is resolved, now my adds counter & BATS are increasing.
Thanks dev team & @jsecretan

I have received 10 adds it shows in count. but the my adds for this month counter is still struck and my Reward was not credited.


no add rewards has not been credited.

There is already a thread going for this problem and can you post on below thread for clarity.

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Not worked for me… Restarted the system… But the count is no more increasing…

how is this a solution? lol, it was random, he doesn’t even know how it happened and it’s a solution? it must be a great joke.

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It’s a Problem from brave server side, if we just restart browser fully it may work for some.

The dev team need to fix this as mentioned in the thread earlier.