I am done with Uphold

Hello, I am not satisfied with the way Uphold works, nor with the operating limitations it has in my country. Is it possible to link my Brave Browser accounts with any other broker?
Thanks in advance for your support.


Ok I got it - Uphold is the only custodial wallet provider in my country. So I am stuck with them. Or is it time for wider changes…?!


As far as I know, Brave is always in search of new partners. But the cooperation & interest has gotta be mutual therefore I urge you to write to an Exchange, that you would like to see on Brave.
If you are from India, Brave is in works with a new provider to bring India back.

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My uphold account is fine but brave brings up a message saying (Error: Limited Uphold account functionality
According to Uphold, there are currently some limitations on your Uphold account. Please log in to your Uphold account and check whether there are any notices or remaining account requirements to complete, then try again. For example, you may need to submit more information to Uphold.) this is Not the case… I moved crypto yesterday on uphold no limitations… please fix this…edit .its works now @Saoiray thankyou for the great info

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@Busc Your issue is that you haven’t finished all of your CDD. In most cases it’s something called Liveness. To activate that, pretend like you’re going to withdraw something from your account. Another way to trigger that is to download the app on your phone and sign in, then eventually it might say to finish the process by taking a selfie.

Beyond that, sometimes it’s an email verification link you needed to click on or some other small details. The best method of discovering what’s missing is to contact Uphold directly. You can do that via a support ticket with Uphold at https://support.uphold.com/hc/en-us/requests/new or to email them at support@uphold.com

@RFMC Brave keeps looking for more partners to add and also hoping top expand availability with existing partners, such as Gemini. Brave is in the midst of adding another new one and details should hopefully be revealed in coming months.

If you hadn’t already seen it, you may want to check out where I’ve written a bit more on similar topics at links below:

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My uphold account was blocked, because they not working with Ukraine any more> since war had started.
So what do I do, how I could participate, or just equit and forget about rewards bs?
Any suggestions sencirely appreciated!


In terms of country not being supported by Uphold/Gemini, nothing much can be done except wait for when they open support to your country again or Brave adds another partner who will offer support to your country.

Just to clarify, you can still participate in Rewards. What has changed is that only those who are verified can earn BAT. This means you’ll have the choice of deciding if you want to still see ads so you can support Creators or you can turn off the ads. If you were doing it just to profit yourself, then you’d be right in that the new changes prevent this for the time being.

And how long will it be before the countries are supported again? We’ve been waiting so long and instead of things getting better, they’re getting worse.

I’m from Germany, my Uphold account is fully verified and away from Brave it works fine… I would really like to know where the problem is here and how much longer we should be patient. Fact is, at the moment we are f*cked and there is no perspective for any improvement to this situation. That is a great pity.

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Honestly, not even Brave has a clue.

Country is highly unlikely to be added again any time soon from my understanding. Key thing I want to stress is that’s not anything that’s been said officially. It’s just based on replies I’ve received from Uphold and based on “reading between the lines” on conversations in the past. What has been said officially is that Brave wants it added but Uphold has been putting it on hold, supposedly it’s a regulatory nightmare and it something to do with government in Germany.

I’ve been pushing for more information and it’s been promised that people from the Rewards team, including the Product Manager @chriscat, should be speaking in our Community Call this coming Tuesday. If that happens, hopefully they’ll be able to give us more concrete information. Main thing I know a lot of people are worried about is to know honestly how likely or unlikely it will be for their region to obtain support before the sunsetting of vBAT. If they don’t know, I want to hear that. If they can put it into percentages, then for that. But just know everyone is tired of hearing the same “we’re working on it” or “soon.”

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It would much easier if could collect the BAT to my (browser extension) Brave Wallet. Is that difficult to implement from a technical standpoint, or is it just a matter of the upcoming SEC regulation?

Does it mean I won’t get even vBAT for watching ads during time intervals to exchange it in the future?

It’s existing and future government regulations that’s the cause of it. From a technical standpoint, it’s easy to do and very much would be possible now. Government intervention is the only thing restricting that as a possibility.

Thanks for your explanations, you are doing a great job here to keep us informed. On the other hand, it’s a bit of a pity that the Brave team itself doesn’t provide more transparent first-hand information here.

I understand that it is not easy to deal with all the regulations because our government has an excessive regulatory fetish. If we would want to reduce bureaucracy, we would first establish an Agency for Bureaucracy Reduction. :slight_smile:
So I can very well understand that this is therefore not that easy.

So far so bad, but so now with the latest changes we are completely cut off from getting rewards now. Of course, it would have made more sense - and been fairer - to wait with this change until everyone could participate again. So now, unfortunately, we are excluded because of our nationality.

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I am done with Win7 dropping.

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What is even more disappointing is that back when I was actually getting paid decent BAT (remember back then?) I reinvested wisely on a broad range of crypto using Uphold. Then everything became about 1/10th of its value…and now Uphold is charging me more to transfer to USD than the actual de-valued amount that I am able to trade! I have to pay Uphold to give me my own money! I had to use limit transactions just to get around the ridiculous spread fee, grab my few cents and I’m done with Uphold. Snakes.

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Gemini is supported in India , why don’t you allow us (Indians) to connect Gemini to Brave to help us withdraw all the BATS.
BATS value has declined a lot.
Indians will be losing all the BATS.
Is this right>

That doesn’t mean Gemini supports Brave in India. Gemini has decided not to allow accounts from India to be linked with Brave at this time. There were a lot of issues of fraud from people in India and therefore restrictions were placed by Brave, Uphold, and Gemini a while back. The issues outweighed any potential profits, there the limitations placed.

Everyone forgets there are a lot of costs involved in this business. There’s just not enough profit for Gemini to allow the headache of everyone from most countries to connect Rewards to them.

In most cases it’s something called Liveness. To activate that, pretend like you’re going to withdraw something from your account.

Yes and if you have no funds in your account you will have to make a deposit first and depending in which country you are the cost of that deposit might cost you ten times the amount of BAT you are trying to withdraw to Uphold.

Brave keeps looking for more partners to add and also hoping top expand availability with existing partners, such as Gemini.

You guys have been saying this going on two years. I guess the new ‘partners’ will come onboard right after Brave have wiped all the vBats people earned from the board.

I use Brave, couse i don t like ads

Go download Vivaldi. No ads, better privacy settings, just as fast, built in calendar, mail and many more features that actually work. A far superior product in my opinion. Brave is a joke at best. The one thing they had going for them i.e. payment for watching ads, is turning out to be one big scam as nobody is getting paid.

So brave is basically just like Chrome or any other browser as you will watch ads for which you will never be paid.

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