I accidentally lost my wallet recovery key


Today (30 April 2018) i decided to turn on brave payment to redeem my BAT on May 6, then the account balance show 0.00 BAT. After that i reinstall my brave browser so i think the “Next Contribution” date reset to one month from today (May 30th) and my BAT balance re-synchronized, but it doesn’t fixed anything. So i decided to clean reinstall using iobit uninstaller. Before i clean reinstall brave browser i do re-backup my wallet recovery key to the same exact folder location where i usually backup my file. then after reinstall the next contribution showed up as i expected (May 30th) but when i recover my wallet it keeps showing USD 0.00 which is i think it’s usual because in previous version it show the same USD 0 value but the BAT balance showed up, but this time it’s not. Then I began to suspect there’s must be something wrong, after that i checked my wallet recovery key text then i just realized, the key is not the same like the previous one i remember that has my BAT balance in it.
so what i did is i accidentally replaced my wallet recovery key with the new empty wallet recovery key in my folder. But i remember some of the word from the previous key but i don’t remember the rest. i know i’m clumsy, next time i should pay attention to what i do so incidents like this don’t happen again.
Please help me to restore my wallet key so my BAT isn’t lost just like that? :pray:


Hi @JonathanBruce

Unfortunately if you don’t have your backup key there isn’t much we can do. I’m not familiar with the uninstaller you mentioned, but if it deleted your Brave profile and that’s still in your Recycle Bin (assuming you use Windows) or Trash (on Mac or Linux) you can look for the deleted ledger-state.json file. If you have it, you can private message me the ‘paymenId’ from that file.


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