I accidentally lost my BAT

Hello I was expecting to see my payment of the month but it went away and when i try to see what happened i realised that i auto contributed my rewards of this month. But i did not wanted to do that. Is there any chance to undo that? Please help I use iOS brave browser.

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The sites you “contributed” are verified?. If no, you will receive back your tips in 3 months if they don’t verify in that period of time.

Oh if they are verified, am I not able to undo that? I barely know how this browser works and when I wanted to see my rewards it automatically sent to creators.

Just disable auto-contribute feature fot that to avoid giving tips without your consent. As for undoing, once it on the net, no (in the best case you have to wait for what i already mention). But you can try asking or admins help, but since the circumstances i don´t think it think it appels.