I accidentally deleted the Brave browser from my phone

I accidentally deleted the Brave browser from my phone

I have been using brave browser for more than 2 years and accidentally uninstalled brave a few hours ago. I had synced my data but only my current android device was in the sync chain.I just re-downloaded brave, I had a valuable number of bookmarks, saved passwords.Please help me to recover my data or if it is possible to recover my data with the help of developers.

I am currently using Brave version 1.61.109

I am currently using an android device, and the phone I’m using is INFINIX NOTE 10 PRO

Right now I synced my phone with my laptop but I needed my lost data pls

@Cxsqxn if you only had one device on the sync chain and you uninstalled, then it likely won’t be possible to help you. Sync is not an online account where your info is stored. You would need the sync phrase that is generated by a device on the chain in order to retrieve information. The sync phrase changes daily. So if you have no existing device on the sync chain, you wouldn’t necessarily be able to connect to it.

The only hope you might have is if you had written down your sync phrase before. But you didn’t mention that, so is it safe you have no sync code/phrase?