Hungarian translation, extension?

i really like your browser the best!
I really miss the Hungarian translation so I can translate the English web pages.

A couple of months ago, I used an extension that allowed me to translate web pages like Chrome. I reinstalled the machine and forgot the name of the extension.

Could you recommend an extension that translates to Hungarian?
Do you expect to have a built-in compiler in your browser in the future?

You can go to Settings > Language > Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language you read.

And make sure you enable it too for the language you choose by clicking 3 dots menu next to the language.


Screenshot_1 Screenshot_2

first image: brave does not say that translates the english web page for me into hungarian

Second image: Chrome is trying to translate the webpage into Hungarian

brave://settings/languages :

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not available!

Apologies. I am just another user trying to help. I think I didn’t do so well.
Good luck!

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What are your OS language preferences set to?

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Hello, Hungarian

my computer is hungarian
the browser language is Hungarian
I would like to translate the English text into Hungarian as well as the Chrome browser

there is nothing wrong! thank you for helping me