Humble suggestion - differentiated rewards to ad viewers

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Suggestion: have you ever thought of offering differentiated rewards?

–Basic amount for allowing ads on your desktop

–More rewards for clicking on an ad [which I do - I want this program to succeed.]

–More rewards for spending more than a minute or two on an ad.

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Are you using a VPN? (yes/no)

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Even though would be wonderful, don’t see happening since brave ads are based on ‘Attention’ and not ‘Clicks’.

This too won’t happen I guess. But know this, I am no official of brave so can’t say if anything will / won’t happen but just knowing what I know, see the likeliness.

Yes, I’ve often thought this would make sense too. Get paid for basic attention but get more for paying more attention and interacting with their site. Also thought it would be good if long term) they could make this work with articles in the news feed too.

In reading Brave’s reward program manifesto it pointed out that “engagement” from ads in its program was on the order of 8% versus 2% for typical ad engagement. I don’t know how Brave defines engagement but clicking through to an ad seems like better engagement. I am not saying that Brave should focus on clicks as an end in itself but rather clicks as a measure of deepening engagement - which Brave is fiercely focused on. You misread my focus on clicks. A 4X bump in engagement, however defined, is a huge leap in ad effectiveness and something advertisers are acutely focused on. I hope Brave implements this or at least gives it serious thought.

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A nice suggestion but I personally do not think this is an ideal change to make. The idea is for the user to chose to interact with ads that are relevant and/or interesting to them.

If they are being incentivized to visit and engage with every single site/source because they know they’ll get paid more for it, it no longer becomes genuine engagement.

I believe that leaving the choice entirely up to the user and ensuring that users are rewarded for their attention simply for for opting into ads (not being rewarded for spending x amount of time digging around websites they’re not actually interested in) is the best way to go.

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The engagement is somewhat synthetic now. An expectation of payment for seeing ads imbedded in new tabs or as popups. Insofar as Brave is paying people to look at ads this arrangement is not truly organic because these ads would otherwise not be viewed by Brave participants.

Right now, if you see an ad (NTP, push notification, any kind) you get rewarded.

If you’re interested in what you see and decide to click on it and look into the [product, website, game, etc], that’s great and, further, it is actually quite organic as you are not being incentivized to click on and dig into the [product, website, game, etc] by any means other than your own desire to do so.

If you knew that you were going to get paid more for clicking on and engaging with any ad, regardless of whether or not that ad is relevant to you or something you’re interested in/care about, then that would be significantly less organic than the way the system functions now since you’re only doing it to get the additional rewards, not because you’re organically interested in the ad.

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Absolutely agreed with you Mattches!
Yes, Brave is looking to have privacy at the foremost. Well, I guess if it was incentived, I woulda be visiting ads I’m not interested and therefore this system preserves my interests, if I’m interested I can always visit the host company. Thanks for explaining!

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This is splitting hairs and worth more of my time. Signing up for a program to view ads and get paid fundamentally what the program is about. Who’s to say why someone clicked on an ad. They might actually find it interesting and could buy - which reinforces my argument that differentiated rewards for differentiated engagement is IMHO worth doing - at least as a test and should not be dismissed up front.

Suggestion: If Brave don’t get enough responses to their surveys:

(1) the link to the survey on android didn’t work today :frowning:
(2) you could consider incentivising users to complete the survey?

This is not community, this is a place of frustrations.
I see this like a place where users give feedback about a broken product(for free).
If we are the ones who help make a better product, why we are treated like shits?
Thanks for the flag Matches .
Now we know that if something is against brave, just flag and hide.

No, it actually reinforces my argument.

You’re right — who is to say why someone has clicked an ad? Well at the bare minimum, we can assure you that with the way the system works right now, someone did not click on and engage with an ad just to get paid for it. Because you don’t have to click on or engage further in order to be paid.

Now lets say you get Rewarded more for clicking into and engaging with ads — how do you know that your users aren’t just clicking on and engaging with the ads for the sole purpose of getting extra Rewards?

I do think that this is a bad suggestion — it’s actually an interesting thought. I don’t think however that is a valid system to be implemented — it would result in us seeing artificially inflated click through rates for ads on our platform and bad actors/users doing everything in their power to find a way to farm/game that system.

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