Human verification bug

Hello dear Community,

I have a problem with my earned BAT’s. After using Brave for month, I have now 8.5 BAT. This month there arrived a bug - the human verification don’t succes (there where to drag and drop the BAT Icon to circle, square or triangle). Yes - I drag and drop it to the right symbol…

I don’t want to losse my BAT, but I don’t know how to eliminate this bug :frowning: I can’t get paid out, because I can’t pass the human verification proces…whatever I do.

Please help me - how can i secure my BAT now? :frowning:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I’m facing the same issue, please help…

Same issue is happening to me. Bookmarking this thread.

go in brave rewards , zoom out till 50 % and then try to claim


This worked! Thank you @yash1

It’s worked …Thank you… very useful.

Love you :smiley:
This Helped!

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