Hulu (WideVine)

WideVine will not give a prompt to install on a website ( They use the Hulu player. Well, you can’t use Hulu without an account (I’m not going to create a trial account.) So I guess I am just screwed? I really wish DRM could be handled more like an extension so as not to run into these kinds of problems. Is there no way I can get WideVine installed on a particular site with no prompt? Thanks.


  1. Use a brave stable release which has not installed WideVine for Hulu
  2. Go to above site:
  3. You get no prompt to install WideVine
  4. Go to Hulu
  5. Also no prompt to install WideVine for Hulu

@DravenSid10 I am getting prompt to install Widevine when I open in 0.68.141

Please wait for the upcoming release to see no prompt to install WideVine every time.


That’s interesting. I can’t imagine why I did not get one. I did get one for NETFLIX earlier (a few days ago) which worked fine. I tried incognito and a regular session. So you’re saying that WideVine is changing on an upcoming release? Is there a topic that covers that or info on Github? Thank you for your reply! :slight_smile:

UPDATE: I found out why. That site requires allow in global for cookies and device recognition. That did the trick.

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