Hulu Integration

Listen, I’m cheap. Like pretty cheap. So cheap in fact that I would rather sit through obnoxious ads on hulu than pay the additional $3/month for no ads. It would new fantastic to have the option to integrate BAT into the mix so that I could pay the difference in the BAT that I earn. What would be even better is if I earned BAT watching these ads, and could then use that to eventually pay for my monthly service. The number of paid streaming services that are demanding my money is getting out of hand. Everyone wants a piece of the streaming pie, but it’s getting to the point where I’m spending more per month than I ever did with cable. Streaming services are focused in ammassing market share, but they are leaving customers on the table by forcing the choice. Why not a roku like service that integrates multiple streaming services generating BAT revenue for the user and allowing them to pay for said streaming services and to upgrade to ad free viewing? Please consider this. Thanks for your time.