Huge number of X11 session errors


Using Brave brave-0.22.13-1.x86_64 from RPM repository, on an admittedly old version of Fedora (24).

When left on overnight with a large number of windows open, by morning Brave has generated 16GB of X11 errors to file “~/.xsession-errors”. This fills the disk. It would be useful to disable this writing (only for Brave).

Consequential problems:
Often Brave has exited; if not, then it does so shortly after I truncate the file “~/.xsession-errors” to empty. Occasionally, Brave does not restart correctly, even though disk space is available. When quitting from the File menu and restarting, the session has been lost.

If data files cannot be refreshed because the disk is full, it is best to conserve the old files.