Hubspot Sales Extension


I would like to have the Hubspot Sales Extension added to the queue please.

This extension is very useful for those who use Hubspot for their jobs in sales and marketing. It saves a lot of time and typing for those who work out of their email and are adding new contacts to their contact lists or trying to keep track of important email correspondence.

Adding it to the list would be greatly appreciated!


I second this motion. This is badly needed and MANY people use HubSpot.


3rd this motion.

Am a startup guy, I love the browser because it’s quick, but our CEO said this was the big thing holding him back, Chrome extensions. Upvoting this because Hubspot is the only extension he uses.

I know there is a script you can run to import extensions, but that functionality needs to be brought to a higher level before we can expect the herd, as Novogratz would say.


I need it too ! I work in a start up and it mandatory for me ! Thanks !


Me three. Hubspot is critical to the browser experience. :-):grinning:


I’ll +1 this as well - tons of folks use Hubspot and no browser but Chrome supports the extension. A great reason to change.


A good thing to note in general is that with Brave v1.0 on the horizon, Brave should be getting essentially full Chrome extension coverage since Brave will be switching over to a full Chromium front-end.

Brian Bondy (CTO) writes:

In the current Brave desktop browser, we need to implement extension APIs and make them work with our UI. We’ve added support for various extensions in this way, but it’s a lot of work. In the new method we’ll have full extension API support and we’ll be able to support every Chrome extension. The Chrome extensions are still planned to come from our servers though and not from the Chrome Web Store.

For more information, see these two sources:

  1. Blog announcement:
  2. Further focused discussion:

In the meantime, it’s great that you filed the extension request, and let’s hope we see support for this extension soon! :slight_smile:

Authy App needs to be supported in Brave Browser