HUAWEI Android app crashed when reclaim BAT's

Hi I can’t reclaim BAT in my smartphone.

I use Android with HUAWEI P40 lite mobile. When I use brave not have problema but when I win BATs and reclaim this the app crash and automático close. And never can reclaim the BAT

Additional information

Brave app 1.23.96 Chromium 90.0.4430.23
UPHOLD ACCOUNT VERIFIED but not connect on mobile app


I’m also Using Huawei Device and old Android 8🙃 not facing such issue.

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You device ( Huawei MediaPad) have a Google Service installed to fabric. I use a Huawei P40 lite and this device not use Google Service for the problem with both companies.

I think my problem is only for not use Google Service, maybe Brave using in second place Google Service in our app based in Chromium.

I download the app with Aptoide place and always update.

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I think my problem is only for not use Google Service

Yep… if you run SafetyNet Test, You’ll probably fail… Basically if your phone fails this test, you won’t be able to claim rewards…

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I download the app with aptoid, because Huawei lastes models not use Google Play Store, and yes the test is fail.

Well. I continue use Brave browser in my pc for win BATs and in mobile only navigated on internet.

I think Brave Support try to make browser compatible with Huawei Device to download in App Gallery in Huawei. Is a surgery

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