Password Manager. I know there are a quite a few of these programs/extensions out there but this particular one is very safe, secure, robust, proven, doesn’t break, & just downright a good program. It is the best one I have ever ran across. I know you have one built into the Brave browser & it is probably very good but there are a few very important facts that have to be taken into account from the users point of view. I have been using RoboForm for many years as have millions of others. Which means the obvious, I & others have a large ammount of RoboForm password information which would be: 1) cumbersome to change over from RoboForm to new password manager, 2) unknown problems with New password manager, 3) not comfortable with a new password manager, 4) not have all of the features RoboForm has like RoboForm Everywhere (many features). I am sure there are other reasons that are important to others which you have probably heard from already. Myself as noted earlier have been using RoboForm password manager for many years & paying for it as well. Right now I am paid up until Nov. 2019 & I want to keep using RoboForm. I am comfortable with RoboForm & if it means I will not be able to use the Brave web browser because of it that is the way it is. I want to use Brave & have been trying to migrate over to it. In fact every extension that I need to work with the Brave browser does with the exception of RoboForm & until RoboForm does work with Brave I will not be converting over to Brave.

For years I was using Internet Explorer until security leaks, tracking, paid pop up adds, etc… then I changed to FireFox & I have been using FireFox for a few years & now FireFox getting to be similar to Internet Explorer. So, recently I stumbled across Brave, I like it, it is fast, secure, private, no tracking. Again, I really want to convert to Brave but first the RoboForm extension must be integrated or it is a show stopper for me.

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Hi @HotRod90,

Roboform is requested and listed in the link below:

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