Https is not recognized, although enabled/ wordpress

My website is a wordpress site. But I cant verify it as a publisher:

Retry Verification

Your website,, was not verified because HTTPS is not enabled. Please enable HTTPS on your domain, or choose another verification method.

Ive tried the plugin to verify and I have uploaded a file and put it n the .well-known Ordner.
Both options didnt work. Same with
In addition ive got two other websites where verification is working, one with typo 3 and another written just in html. e.g…
But this works fine, uploading the verification file!
Thanks for sharing ideas!

It might be the google font source…

I didnt got it fixed, even after activating a Plugin Force ssl . Where did you get that screenshot from? Brave Browser? Thanks for helping!!

right click on your page - select inspect on your website page:
goto Security.
Reload the page and it will show up.

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