HTTPS Certificate Error Exceptions


Prior to my recent upgrade to version 0.13.0, I would receive a HTTPS Certificate Error whenever I went to any of my companies intranet sites. At this point I would tell Brave to ignore it and let me in. This was annoying as it never remembered what I wanted for this site & thus I had to do it everyday, but at least it worked.

Now there is no way to ignore the certificate error (only see a “Back to Safety” button) & thus I can no longer log into any of my companies intranet sites, some of which I use extensively every day. Is there any chance of adding in a setting to allow this to work again. Even if it is only used for intranet (i.e. LAN, instead of WAN) connections.


I have something similar. I’m running Brave on a Mac. I was hoping that there was a way to remember the certificate so the certificate error doesn’t pop up.


At current, we do not store exceptions and it is very unlikely we ever will due to security concerns.

You should be able to install a root cert from your organization though.


For any cert error page, you should see this:

Click on ‘Advanced settings’

You should then be able to choose ‘Ignore certificate error’ and proceed. As mentioned above, it is better for your organization to provide a root cert though.


All I got, on multiple attempts was the “Back to safety” button but the other “Advanced Settings” had disappeared after I upgraded. So I went back to get a screenshot to post and have discovered that the button is back again.

Very strange though as to why it suddenly works but I’m not going to complain now that I can get back onto the intranet sites. :smile:

I’ll open a defect should it re-occur at some point. Thanks for the help.


I am also ONLY getting a back to safety button… I have my own cert on my own website


Certificate Error on every site visit


I know this is an older topic, but it was the only google result coming up when I ran into this same issue. How can I add a root certificate? I’ve looked in preferences under ‘Security’ and ‘Advanced’ but I can’t find it.


Would be nice to get an answer to this – I’m also in this situation with a locally-run server.


So after further searching and following links, the answer is found in this feature request: “We’ll get the same behavior as Chromium/Chrome when moving over to Brave Core (which is coming soon).”