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The “information balloon” for buses on the website usually does not work.

The site displays a map with moving icons that represent different buses that travel on different routes. If you click on one of those icons, a “balloon” with information should appear. This works on most browsers but does not work on the Brave browser.

I find that two things will happen:

  1. Zoom into the map. [Updated/added on February 28, 2017.]

  2. When you click on the icon, the “information balloon” does not appear. (Although I have seen this work once.)

  3. The browsers sometimes thinks you’re clicking on another area on the map and will display a “information balloon” for a physical location (like a park or landmark).

I am experiencing this on Android 4.4.4 with Brave 1.0.15 (and earlier versions). I have turned off features such as HTTPS Everywhere and AdBlock to test if this to see if it fixes the issue and it does not help.

To test this:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter an intersection such as “42nd Street and 7th Avenue” or just use the following link:

  1. Click on any one of the bus icon. Try this several times on different bus-icons.

  2. Zoom in and click on the green dots that represent a bus stop on any route. Try this on several different bus stops-icons.

Result: You should find that the “information balloons” do not appear. (At best, it may appear once and then not work again, OR, the browser may think you are clicking on an entirely different area on the map.)

Try the same on a different browser (such as Firefox or Chrome) and you will see that these features will work properly.


This appears to be in pretty good working order on 0.19.x (beta builds).
Perhaps after we release this next version you could try it again?


Hello Alex,

This site appears to be functioning correctly in the Brave Browser now.

Thanks for your reply.

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