Html5 videos problems and more Android and iOS


To much slowdowns on Google Pixel C, Apple iPad pro 10,5 Tablet. Its feel laggy and the scroll speed is not good please fix it. Same problem on smartphones LeEcco Pro 3, Xiaomi Mi6 both devices have enough horse power and ram. 1.2.18 Update: The new update make the performance better but i think the browser need defently a bookmark management on the first site. I hate it when i must search my bookmarks in a list. 10.2.18 Update: Scroll Up direct in the browser would be a great option to make scrolling faster on big pages. Update: 12.3.18 The Browser have massive loading times on html5 videos on websites. I compare different browser and brave is the only one with html5 video loading slowdowns.

Update: 16.3.18
Some sites take a long think time to load. One perfect site with the problem is
Other browser have not the problem.

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