Html5 not working on Android


After pressing start, the video screen displays the message: “Your browser does not recognize any of the video formats available”


Can you share the website to test. It will be great if you share exact video you tried.


We are going to work on that issue soon Thanks.


Thank you for your assistance! This is one site that video doesn’t work.


Closing this post because issue is in the queue for development on github. Issue can be followed here:

closed #6

opened #7


Could you give the latest version a try?



Umm, not if I have to uninstall it and reinstall. I don’t want to lose everything that has been saved.


Nope. “HTML5 Isn’t Supported…Learn More about HTML5 Video Format…” on a YouTube Video. Just Updated Brave Today [14th April 2018]


You can just update it :slight_smile: No need to uninstall/reinstall. The issue is still there however.


@BOB-vagene can you give me an example video that still has this issue?



Sorry For The Extremely Late Response @LaurenWags :roll_eyes: Couldn’t Get In Touch!

Yes. As of 17th June 2018, The problem still persist.

Here! Try this link out! com/watch?v=6McG5-WnX6c

And a screenshot for further reference:

Note that the brave version is up-to-date.


No problem, thanks for the example. Doesn’t look like it plays in Chrome either. Does it play in any mobile browser for you @BOB-vagene?



Firefox Quantum, Yes, CM browser, Yes. Opera, yes. Via browser (This is one of my favourites), Yes. Here’s a screenshot of the same link from Via browser (as of 20th June 2018)

I’ll attach a screenshot ahead.

Hopefully This Helps In Further Investigation :smiley:
Best Regards!