Html5 needed please


Unfortunately I can’t play Html5. For example :
But not just this site.


It worked for me, no problem.
the only HTML5 option I can find is selected in Preferences:Advanced where I have the PDF reader enabled. Hardware Acceleration may or may not help as well, but it may also have something to do with the Torrent Viewer I have enabled

Also, white chocolate is NOT chocolate. sorry. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Ok. Let’s try to get to the bottom of this. Can you go to Help | About Brave and use the clipboard button to copy the version info. Paste it in a reply and we’ll take it from there.


Also, at the time of writing, there are 41 open issues relating to HTML5. Browse through some of them here:

in case someone has already reported the same issue.


Thanks for your replay.
I am using a tablet and I don’t know how tot paste. So I write it down.
Brave 1.0.18 chromium 57.0.2987.108
Android 6.01; SM-T800 buildMMB29K


I did search for earlier questions but only found 3. Search on Html5.


Ok. I’m not able to help with tablet problems so hopefully someone who can will jump in on this thread at some point. In the meanwhile, here are the open tablet issue tickets for android on the GitHub repository:

They’re open issues but they might contain something which you might find helpful. A couple seem like they might apply to your case but I can’t be sure.

You might try commenting on this thread to find out whether it applies:

I’m guessing @luke.mulks could be more helpful than I can be.

Best of luck.


Hi all,

Will review and follow up.

Stay tuned.


@luke.mulks Will the embedded YT player fix work for Android as well?


@sriram I’ve been looking at this one tonight, and it doesn’t look like the same fix applies here.

This appears to be related to a proprietary google codec issue captured by @Serg here:

I’m able to get this to work on desktop w/o issue. We’ve seen some other cases like this too. It’s odd though, that YT won’t transcode another option that works, and that this is so intermittent.

I did some debugging on the video player, and am going to add some info to the issue above. I think I may have found some info that will help, but will need to connect w/Serg and double check a couple things tomorrow.


They are also running some ad blocking detection on this site:

<div class="afs_ads">&nbsp;</div>
    function testAdBlock() {
        setTimeout(function() {
            if( !document.getElementsByClassName ) return;
            var ads = document.getElementsByClassName('afs_ads'),
                ad  = ads[ads.length - 1];
            if(!ad || ad.innerHTML.length === 0 || ad.clientHeight === 0) {
                if ( typeof ga !== 'undefined' ) {
                    ga('send', 'event', 'ads', 'activated', 'ad blocker', { nonInteraction: true });
                } else if ( typeof _gat !== 'undefined' && typeof pageTracker !== 'undefined' ) {
                    pageTracker._trackEvent('ads', 'activated', 'ad blocker', undefined, true);
                } else if ( typeof _gaq !== 'undefined' ) {
                    _gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'ads', 'activated', 'ad blocker', undefined, true]);
            } else {
                if ( typeof ga !== 'undefined' ) {
                    ga('send', 'event', 'ads', 'not active', 'ad blocker', { nonInteraction: true });
                } else if ( typeof _gat !== 'undefined' && typeof pageTracker !== 'undefined' ) {
                    pageTracker._trackEvent('ads', 'not active', 'ad blocker', undefined, true);
                } else if ( typeof _gaq !== 'undefined' ) {
                    _gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'ads', 'not active', 'ad blocker', undefined, true]);
        }, 2000);
    if ( document.cookie.indexOf('session') <= 0 ) {
        if(window.addEventListener) {
            window.addEventListener('load', testAdBlock, false);
        } else {
            window.attachEvent('onload', testAdBlock);
    var d = new Date();
    var expires = 'expires='+d.toGMTString();
    document.cookie = 'session=1; '+expires+'; path=/';

At a minimum, they are tracking blocking usage.

I get some really weird shield behavior on this site too.

Check this out:

Shields up, but ad blocking disabled:
7 Ads and Trackers Blocked
42 scripts blocked (blocked scripts is disabled)

Shields up, ad blocking disabled, block scripts enabled
0 Ads and Trackers Blocked
40 scripts blocked

Shields up, ad blocking enabled, block scripts enabled
0 Ads and Trackers Blocked
39 scripts blocked

Shields up, ad blocking enabled, block scripts disabled
7 Ads and Trackers Blocked
0 scripts blocked

I suspect the ad blocking detection (or something more defensive) could be messing with how the shields are functioning here.

I suspect we’re looking at two separate issues (video issue, blocking/shield issue), and am going to file a separate issue for the shield behavior above. The video playback issue happens in mweb on Android regardless of shield status.


@luke.mulks I don’t have such behavior with the shields as you do. It looks like it went to that state somehow on your device, ya file it please for further investigation.


@Serg issue opened:

closed #14