HTML 5 game doesn't work correctly with shields on

It seems that this game doesn’t load correctly when shields is up. It blocks this
which I don’t know if it’s an ad or something needed for the game to load correctly, so you can exclude it from blocking.
Soon the game will be playable under this url

Update: It seems to work if you change to “Allow all fingerprinting”

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Many html5/webgl5 sites (or games) implement fingerprinting, So it’s not entirely unexpected

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What that means “fingerprinting” ?

In short, browser fingerprinting is the capability of a site to identify or
re-identify a visiting user, user agent or device via configuration settings or
other observable characteristics


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Just a follow up, we block these requests due to privacy concerns. Limiting the amount of details a site knows about you the better.

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That’s bad.

track and correlate a user’s browsing activity within and across sessions
collect information from which inferences can be drawn about a user

Do games collect that information usually?

By the way are you planning any new features for Brave ? For example I would like to see
note taking, highlight in pdf’s, tab splitting, and taking partial screenshots.