HowToPut Brave on SDchip use chip to install Brave on another computer?

My "Lenovo “Think Center” computers browser is not working so cannot download a new browser into it!!!
Is there a way I can copy Brave from this computer to an SD Chip,
I can plug the chip into the Thinkcenter computer… How do I then install Brave in the think center computer??? ((I was born 40 years BC, so…:slight_smile: ))
Thankyou, Lewis

You can download latest version -
Install it on Lenovo. I can`t connect to this site, but have installer on my PC. So I can send it, if you need.

I haven`t tried Brave sync, you can use another way to transfer data:
Press “win+R” and type “appdata”. Go to “Local” and copy “BraveSoftware” folder (contains all data) to your usb disk.
Open “Local” folder at your Lenovo computer by the same way and paste data folder (replace all files of course).


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