How will Brave keep supporting creators when expanding Rewards program?

As a creator, Brave sounds like really good news.
I just discovered the Creator program and signed up for it. I really like the idea of giving people the freedom of choosing which creators they support.

However, I saw that the Brave Rewards program will soon be expanded so users can also use the rewards to buy things for themselves (gift cards, premium content, etc).

To me, this sounds like we’re back to square one.
Users will likely just use their rewards to buy things for themselves, creators won’t get enough revenue from Brave Rewards anymore and the creators will have to go back to serving Google Ads.

How will the Rewards program be expanded without making the creators suffer?


First, auto-contribute and tipping is not the only way for creators to earn BAT.

  • Creators can opt-in to referral program and get rewarded for bringing a new users.
  • And in the future, creators will be able to opt-in to publishers ads – to show Brave Ads on their site – and get 70% of the revenue share.
  • Also, creator can be a user too. :slight_smile:

And do note, by becoming BVP, it doesn’t mean you should stop other revenue stream/s. BVP is another option for creators to get rewarded/supported.

Hi Eljuno,

Thanks for easing my mind!
The Brave Ads indeed seem like a good alternative to make sure creators get an honest reward.

Looking forward to building a better internet with Brave!

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