How to write a whitelist


It is a question.
I want to add a whitelist with additional filter list enabled.

For example, the image is not displayed.
<img src="">
Custom filter: or @@**

Is this written incorrectly?


cc: @luke.mulks for more info on custom filter.


This is common to Mac, Win and iOS. They are all newest. I have enabled ad blocking. And I have enabled “JPN: ABP Japanese filters” as an additional filter list. The image of the following site is hidden by that setting.
When this additional filter is disabled, an image is displayed. uBlock Origin is installed in other browsers and JPN filter of AdBlock Plus is enabled. With browsers using uBlock, images are never blocked. Is this filter completely different from the JPN filter in Brave?

Brave (1.5.5) for iOS version was released today. Images were able to be displayed until Ver.1.5.4, but now they are blocked in ver.1.5.5. Is it normal as a function?

example site:

*This site is the official website of a bicycle race event.

When I look at the html source of the site, it seems that it just ordinarily specifies image URL with IMG tag.


Does not everyone use this function? There are also bugs. Although it is normally blocked, it is sometimes continued to display without being blocked for some reason.
*Ad block is enable but it is not blocked.


I try this notation, as well as old one - but no one is working for me.
Brave still block a lot of picture hosting’s images, and only way to avoid is the disable adblock.


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