How to withdraw browser balance to transfer to Uphold?

I have a BAT balance in the browser, but even when I link Uphold, this balance remains in the browser. How to manually withdraw to transfer to Uphold?

It automatically goes to Uphold. What do you mean by ‘when I link Uphold’ ?
Does it show Uphold as connected at brave://rewards ?

Going to the reward option, there are two pieces of information: On the left and right side (the right side has the estimated earnings so far while the left side is the earnings already released). On this left side, there is an accumulated balance, and I linked it to uphold a long time ago, so the balance was not automatically activated.

Could you share a screenshot?
I wanna make sure you are indeed still connected to Uphold.

Okay. I have confirmed your Uphold connection is correct. So you have a BAT that still hasn’t been reflecting in your Uphold account ?
If yes, then follow steps at

I didn’t understand. Here it informs that the rewards were transferred to Uphold, but that balance described in the print still appears. What procedure do I have to perform?

That message is kinda a generic one. Doesn’t track real time.

As mentioned in my topic earlier, best to raise a ticket and share ticket ID on that topic

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