How to withdraw brave rewards for indians

iam from india and there is no option to withdraw brave rewards neither gemini and uphold is available

Not much we can do at the moment. Brave is working with Uphold to bring back a big set of countries, but don’t know when / if India will be back, honestly.

Right now though, Brave has said they’re working with a new Custodian to bring India back.

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@za1xd , it’s not a racial issue it’s just up to you to do , wether your white, black, brown ,yellow , or even have staight dirty people or cultures verify your who your account will s registered too then once it goes through feel free to withdraw funds nds if you have atleast minimal requirements to make.the transaction

india only so sad for us not in india ahahahaha

Can I withdraw BAT to my wallet which was previously connected but somehow it got disconnected?

Which wallet do you mean ? Gemini ?
Then yes, but probably if you’re not from US, you must be getting a greyed out button which doesn’t do anything when clicked, so I don’t know. I know there’s a flag in nightly and beta which enable the buttons, its the ‘Always show Brave Rewards custodial connection options’ flag. Hopefully it will come to release in the next update or so.

I am from India, I have previously verified to Uphold wallet. I want to withdraw my accumulated BATs to my earlier verified wallet, Now shows as unverified.

You can not connect to Uphold since India is unsupported.

If you were connected to Gemini earlier, once the buttons are enabled through the flag I mentioned earlier, you should be able to re-connect.

Not just by Browsing… You’re allowing Microsoft/amazon to collect your data…

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But this will happen after April, when the vBats are taken away?

Not sure. The update of 1.48.X is going to be the one from where the vBAT will be stopped I suppose.

Update your browsers. The change of 1.48 has been made where vBAT has been dropped. The flag of ‘AAlways show Brave Rewards custodial connection options’ is now there, therefore anyone conneted to Gemini can try to reconnect.

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