How to whitelist sites from adblock

I want to use a website that wont load if i use any adblocker
i want to use the website but i dont want to totally disable the adblocker.
someone that can help?

Hello @Suero

you have 2 option

1)go to the site you want then click on the shield icon (the lion icon next to the address bar) then turn it off
and it will be off only for that site from now on till you change it back or clear this site and shield setting from the history section

  1. report the site here that it not working with shield up or after turn off the shield click on report broken site

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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very much thanks, the website is probably glitched cuz it is saying that i have an adblock when i already turned the shield off.

and theres a way to deactivate only adblock and still have the main protection?

you very welcome @Suero

could you try that site in private mode and see if it work or not
if it worked then the issue with your cache/cookies so try to clear it
or the issue with one of your extension so disable all of them then re enable them one by one till you get the one that cause the issue

the adblock is the protection so maybe you can try to click on the shield icon again and click on advanced mode then try to play with setting there like allow all cookies or make change tracker to allow all or fingerprint or mix of that

hope that help :slight_smile:

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thx for more detailed informations, about the shield, it says i can disable adblock and trackers, i want to disable only adblock and this is limiting me, it could have an option to disable only adblock.

you welcome

cause most of the times the ads are the tracker so you can not split them

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ok thx for the support

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