How to watch as many ads as possible to get tokens?

I’ve allowed all ads from creators on Brave but I’m not seeing any ads. How to make them appear and that I see them in order to have BAT? Thank you, kind regards Dimitri

Go to brave://rewards/ there you will see three horizontal lines near the Brave Private ads toggle switch, click on the horizontal lines. → Select Up to 10 ads per hour in Ad frequency.

This does not give you 10 ads for sure, this essentially means that when enough ad campaigns are available, you could get 10 ads per hour. Also it says upto 10 ads and not 10 ads.

Also turn on Brave news -
On the home tab → Click Customise → Show brave news.

you could do this in Brave settings as well.

Also turn on sponsored images in new tab section.

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Thank you! Yes, but I don’t see the adds, only the news

Probably not much ad campaigns active right now

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