How to view a cached page?

Is there a way to view a page in my browser cache? The page no longer exists on the web.

Thanks for reaching out.
In the address bar, if you type cache:[URL of site], the browser will pull up a cached version of the site if it exists. Make sure you do not put a space after the colon in cache:.

When I try that it seems to hit Does this search the Google cache or the local disk cache?

I think you’re right and it may be google cache as you suggested. I don’t believe there is an easy way for you to view this type of local cached content.

One thing you can do if you’re looking for a website that no longer exists is by using the Wayback machine. It’s actually integrated directly into Brave. If you simply visit the page and it no longer exists, you should see the option to check the wayback machine for older version of it.

Chromium (and therefore Brave) usually deletes the pages in the cache as soon as you close the session. In fact, it’s not even guaranteed that a page stays in the cache during the current session.

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