How to verify wallet and what's the minimum amount of BATs required for making payout?

I need help for two things…

I searched for the minimum amount of BATs required before payout in real money. On some sites it says 25, some new blogs mention 15 BATs.
Currently, (12 May 2022) how many BATs do I need to make my BATs into real money which I can use?

also, can anyone please help me by guiding the procedure of verifying wallet? I am having trouble.
If anyone could tell me how could I verify either gemini or uphold wallets and make a payout to turn my BATs in real money.
Also, when should I make the payout, as I noticed in starting of every month, the value of BATs decreases, but around 20-25th of every month, it reaches its peak.

Please help community :pray:

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