How to varify Brave Reward using Brave wallet?

How to varify Brave Reward using Brave wallet?

You don’t. Brave Rewards and Brave Wallet are two separate things. That said, to verify for Brave Rewards you will need to create an account either with Uphold or Gemini. They will make you verify your email and will ask what is called CDD, which are going to ask for a LOT of private information. This is like creating a bank account, but with more rules.

Once that account is done, you will go into brave://rewards/ and you should see where there is a button that says Verify. You will click that and sign into whichever account you had. At that point, it should be verified and all your BAT that you’ve earned in your browser will eventually be sent to the custodial wallet, which is either Uphold or Gemini account you created.

If you need it all stated a different way, the Help Center guide can be found at

Hi @Saoiray can you help me as well. My phone is damaged and can’t be repaired right now and can’t use brave so I installed brave on a new device but I am unable to login to uphold in it. Whenever I try to authorize it comes back to the rewards page but doesn’t get signed in. I also use brave on my laptop. And also I think 1 or 2 times it has happened that I have to format my laptop and install again. So is this the reason I am not able to login in my new device. And is there any possible solution to it.

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