How to use the sync code on my 4th computer?

I happen to have 4 computers that all use Brave. I’d love to sync them. But based on this thread (Invalid sync code message), it seems max # allowed is 3. So what is the suggested course of action here?

PS: when I try to sync my 4th computer, it just says ‘the code is invalid’, which is a very misleading error msg and bad UX to say the least. Took me a good few hours to figure out the 3 computer limit.

I’ve got around 16 computers currently on my sync chain.

When I originally had that issue, I believe I had started using the beta then moved back to the stable release.

Go into your settings menu and go down to Sync. You should be able to View Sync Code verify that your passcode is correct. Or, if you’re using a mobile device, you can pull up a QR code and sync your account that way.

As @cynical13 said, there is no “three device limit” — you should be able to sync several more devices on the same chain.

Then it’s very strange.

  1. I have tried the sync code on a brand new M1 Mac and a brand new Windows VM, neither worked.

  2. I have tried copy/paste the sync code, or type it up manually. Neither works.

  3. I also removed 1 device from the chain. Didn’t work.

Is there any way to debug this?

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