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Just few hours ago Sync V2 preview is released. It is given that this is not included in any official build. I can download and see the new sync option. It looks super exciting. But there is also a pop-up which says an update is ready for the browser. If I agree to update it is changed to release version and the new sync option is totally gone.
So can this preview be made as independent build so that it does not update itself?
At the same time will this preview get updated? If I keep using this preview to check sync will I be left out?



Looping in @alex on this one :slight_smile:



Hi @nellaiseemai

After chatting with @alex I think your best bet is to visit this thread: Something new, Brave Early Access - a call for volunteers! and sign up there. Once you do, I believe you’ll get more information on features including sync v2 :slight_smile:



I already enrolled in that thread.

This preview is still under release channel which from the information I got before is in between Beta and actual release of the browser. But this preview is using chromium 66 while Beta is still on 65. This is where I get confused sometimes which channel is ahead of which.

Thanks a lot

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