How to use on multiple devices

I wish to use brave to multiple devices.

  1. First i did it on my PC at work. Sync from chrome, but not 100%, because it take only bookmarks and password. All my extension i had to do one by one by myself and addresses, payment methods not. Second thing is i don’t know how to change name and avatar - is now just person 1.
  2. Second i did on my iphone. Sync by QR code, but again not so good. From bookmarks only few folders i can see, rest missing.
  3. Third i did on my macbook. Sync by copy “special text”. Sync did same like on first point, No extension etc.

Is it anythink similar like google account - when i login i will get all my stuff automatically? I travel a lot and work on different PC everytime. It would be much easier to get everything just by login.

Thanks for answer :slight_smile:

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